Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New Tricks

Thursday night was the first in the new series of New Tricks on BBC1.

Amanda Redman (clearly the show's only bit of totty) and Dennis Watermen (not so much).

I had never watched the show before but I knew the premise was a bunch of retired police folk trying to solve old (unsolved) crimes. It began with one of the old codgers, Brian, checking into a religious rehab where one of the monks was Richard Wilson (I don’t believe it). Faye Ripley, who’s in everything at the moment, even popped up as a counsellor.
Within minutes Brian had the whiff of a mystery in his nose, just because Richard Wilson said “is this about what happened nine years ago?” Surely that could mean anything? It could be nine years ago I accidentally I dressed up like Madonna and sang like a virgin on karaoke.

However, sure enough it was an unsolved murder and the rest of the cronies got on board. I couldn’t help feeling that the way the clues came together and the way that the team worked stuff out was a bit easy and convenient (not that I’m a police detective) maybe I should be though if its that easy. I found it all a tad far fetched although it did keep me mildly entertained for an hour.

I can't say as I'll be watching it again though, give me the Bill anyday!


I was literally wetting my pants with excitement to see the Teeny Weeny talent contest in Eastenders, it was all anyone was talking about. Although, what kind of children’s talent show dishes out three grand prize money anyway? When it came around it was hilarious with Bobby Beale (great name) getting caught cheating and little toothless Tiff’s rendition of I’m a fire starter.

That Sayed is blatantly going to be in denial about the fact that he likes his women men shaped for ages. I mean, how can he not resist camper-than-Christmas- Christian in his endless supply of one size fits all Matalan vests. I just hope this storyline doesn’t drag as long as the whole ‘Danielle is Ronnie’s daughter’ storyline, although, knowing Eastenders, we’re in this for the long haul…
Lock up 'yer sons!

Wednesday. Harry Potter Mania

On Wednesday evening Nikki and I had planned to see My Sister’s Keeper. I had wanted to see it for ages. I decided read the book first hoping that if I knew the story I hoped that I might not embarrass myself as much by crying hysterically in the cinema. When I finished the book I was left sobbing at three in the morning so I was preparing myself to be strong.

In the end we didn’t even get to see the ruddy film, thanks to Harry Potter mania we couldn’t even get in the building. Everyone was acting crazy we even saw a woman standing in a parking space trying to save it for someone she was all like “you aint taking my parking space bitch.”

Day time TV: Thoughts of a slob

I watched This Morning for all of Fern’s last week to get my final Fern fix before she left (not just because I’m unemployed and have nothing else to do). I cant believe that she’s going to be replaced by Holly Willoby my boyfriend will be glued to the TV screen everyday. It was all very sad even Phil shed a tear, bless him but it was good to remenis.

Bye Bye Fern!
Image courtesy of

That Allison Hammond is totally insane she’s an ex BB housemate whose done well for herself getting to interview all those film star types.

Bleeding eck I don’t know how Jeremy Kyle can bear to go into work to see that rabble, I’d be scared that I was going to catch pikey.
Jezza Kyle. Stern but fair!

I know what I want to be… a Loose Women. They have the best job getting to sit around chatting. I’d be perfect for it!

I finally got my Gilmore Girls fix. I’d been having withdrawal symptoms since I left uni, us Wordsworth girls watched it almost everyday. Since I’d been back I hadn’t seen a peep. I knew that it’s on E4 sometime in between all the Desperate Housewives and Friends but somehow kept missing it. It’s the last series as well when Lorelai is married to Chris but still loves Luke awww.

Big Brother's Birthday week

I loved Big Brother’s birthday week, seeing the old housemates made me feel all nostalgic of Big Brother memories past. When I saw Half-wit and Craig doing the obstacle course I vividly remembered watching it the first time, ten years ago oh em gee.

I wasn’t enjoying that Noirin walking around with a face like smacked arse though I came to the conclusion that if Marcus kept asking me to cuddle him I probably wouldn’t be looking too happy either.

Charlie and Rodrigo are so cute I could just eat them up.

My little brother was on Little Brother on Wednesday he was actually shown quite a bit and got a photo with George Lamb who he reckons is a “stand up fella”. He also met
Brian Bello, Nikki Graham, Samanda and Dane Bowers though he didn’t have a clue he was (who does to be fair). He’s even in the advert now looking goofy behind Brian.


My sincere apologies I have neglected my dearest blog I have had some technical difficulties as I have mentioned before. I will now post some older posts that didn’t make it onto the internet. I will also put some new ones, yup going to jam pack this blog full of posts! I will try to be a much better blogger as soon as I have use of the internet I swear.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Thank you

I would like to say a big thank you to my darling Nicola for helping me sort out my blog. She is slowly helping me overcome my fear of technology and letting me use her internet as my home currently lacks the internet (the house that Jack built). I will take some speed tonight to help me overcome my lazyness and tommorow I will blog you up good and proper, honest to blog!
(I have realised that this be neither a rant or a review but pardon me for broadening my horizons). xxx p.s (read her blog it's super and there are some lovely pictures of us dressed like trannies ha).